Soon after Mr. Masahiro Hirayama established STUDiO PiVOT in 1997, he instituted a program of personal care and physical training for professional athletes.

From 2005 onward the work has expanded to train a variety of bodywork professionals. Originally working with aroma therapists and estheticians, the training grew to include yoga/pilates instructors, fitness trainers, physical therapists, and other allied health professionals. Continuing education in functional anatomy and oil treatments are now offered, enhancing these professionals’ scope of practice.

Starting in 2011, the repertoire grew to include the concept of Physical Training from Infancy focusing on the functionality of the pelvis and hip joints from infancy onward.

A new theory of the body, AWARENESS ANATOMY® emerged to encompass every stage of life. This theory now underlies all of STUDiO PiVOT’s programs.

4 Areas of Focus

      Internally-experienced Anatomy
      Yurumedi oil treatment class
      (Yurumedi is based on three words: yurumu (to loosen), medicine, and meditation,
      hence, yuru + medi = Yurumedi)

      The cornerstone of STUDiO PiVOT’s programs is based on our unique theory of
      AWARENESS ANATOMY®.Trainings focus on the advancement and enhanced skill
      development of a variety of bodyworkers.
      Chiropractors, estheticians, personal trainers, pharmacists, home-care service providers,
      and yoga/pilates instructors are a few of the professionals who have attended courses
      to date and report that their enhanced skill repertoire has also contributed to improved
      financial success.

      Individual consulting regarding your child’s body, consists of Joint Functionality
       Diagnosis and the Range of Motion Program
      Parent & child physical re-education consulting, includes Sole Measurement and
       implementation of recommendations
      Regularly scheduled treatment/practice sessions for the child’s ever-changing
      For those entering nursery/preschool: support for the child, teacher, and parent in
        implementing our Range of Motion Re-Education recommendations

      Physical conditioning and consulting for athletes, singers, actresses, etc.
      Private physical conditioning and consulting for women plus Yurumedi Oil Treatment
      Seminars on physical conditioning consulting for preschools through high schools,
        as well as elder-care facilities
      Classes in self-care held at community centers

      Planning and management of the whole range of Physical Re-Education courses at
        outside seminars, events, etc.
      Article writing for newspapers and magazines, book planning and writing
      Project planning regarding exercise and beauty self-care
      Project development for health and beauty products
         (see Ayur Chair,Slow Stockings)
      Body and exercise related business, marketing, and promotion development


   4 Areas of Focus
   news paper,magazine

   90% is based on an individual’s
   Understanding the physical
    differences among ethnicities
   Where are proper bone and joint
   Your body is your textbook



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